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Sorah Al-Kauther ( A River in Paradise) - Verses Number 3
إِنَّا أَعْطَيْنَاكَ الْكَوْثَرَ ( 1 ) Al-Kauther ( A River in Paradise) - Ayaa 1
Indeed, We have granted you, [O Muhammad], al-Kawthar.
فَصَلِّ لِرَبِّكَ وَانْحَرْ ( 2 ) Al-Kauther ( A River in Paradise) - Ayaa 2
So pray to your Lord and sacrifice [to Him alone].
إِنَّ شَانِئَكَ هُوَ الْأَبْتَرُ ( 3 ) Al-Kauther ( A River in Paradise) - Ayaa 3
Indeed, your enemy is the one cut off.

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